Our lawn mowing and maintenance service.

Whether it’s ongoing mowing maintenance or a one-time mowing service we can handle the job. We take pride in all our work from the smallest residential mowing job to large commercial mowing maintenance packages.

Many commercial lawns and large residential properties can sometimes just be too much for the owner to maintain. Ever Ready Lawn Care can handle those jobs, we mow, string trim and blow all the grass off sidewalks and driveways. Attention to detail and professionalism is what we are best known for in the Westerly, Watch Hill, Mystic and surrounding areas.

  • Then we use our high powered string trimmers to trim around trees, landscaping, house or business or any other obstacles that might be in your lawn.

  • Ever Ready Lawn Care finishes the job by blowing all the grass clippings off of your walkways and driveways. We always clean up after ourselves, that’s how professionals do it.

  • We start with our professional mowing equipment ensuring that your grass is cut to the appropriate length.

Why choose Ever Ready Lawn Care for your lawn care and maintenance services.

We know there are numerous choices for lawn care services in the Westerly, Watch Hill, Mystic and surrounding areas but we are one of the best! We have mowed and maintained residential and commercial properties for twenty-eight years. Our clients will always receive professional personalized services from our locally owned and operated business.

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